Summer energy saving tips

Friday 01-06-2018 - 11:15

Blog by Sakshi, LSE student 

Summer, the season filled with sunshine and warmth, is finally here! With a new season, we now have to change our energy saving habits to adapt to the different weather. So, what can we do this summer to continue saving energy?

Well the best thing about summer is that your energy bills are bound to already be lower as one doesn’t use heating that much, if at all. But given London’s abnormal weather patterns, you never know when the temperatures might drop. However, instead of switching on the heating, try to use alternatives such as wearing a sweater/hoodie in the house. Moreover, try to make use of the long days as much as possible! Open the curtains and let the sunlight stream in and light up your room instead of switching on the light bulb during the day when you are in the house Go natural! Open your windows and let the breeze make your room cold on a warm day instead of using a fan!

However, when you leave the house, remember to make sure you close the blinds and go to keep the sun out so that the room remains cool when you return. When it comes to remembering to switch off things when you leave the house to go on a holiday, do make a list of all the appliances you must switch off and go! The heating system, the television and broadband, the oven and all the empty switches in the house- all of these should be turned off.

My flat mates and I also realised that we left the switch for hot water on for the whole time since we moved into the flat. We didn’t realise that we could control the amount of hot water that comes by switching on the heater for water only when we need it. Now, we switch on the geyser two hours before we plan on taking a shower and we switch it off for the rest of the time. This has actually lead to a great reduction in our energy bills, so I would definitely recommend that you check whether or not you have switched off the geyser when it is not in use! Another energy saving tip- since it’s quite sunny right now, why not hang your clothes on a stand placed next to the window to let the sunshine naturally dry it instead of using the dryer?

So hopefully these tips will help you save energy this summer. Remember- go natural and make the most out of the natural resources of sunshine, warmth and wind available to you this summer!

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