Quick and creative tips to save energy

Tuesday 18-10-2016 - 10:01

Blog by Aiste (student at VGTU, Lithuania)

In the new technology based era the demand for energy around the world grows every minute. That’s why becoming more energy efficient is the cheapest and fastest way to cut energy bills and reduce carbon pollution.  This especially appeals to students, who usually struggle at the end of the month. With winter coming and the weather getting colder by the day, you will have the temptation to turn up your heaters or radiators. But think about it - do you really need 25 degrees C in the room, when it’s cold outside, just so you could wear your shorts and imagine it’s summer..? Not if you want to save energy and money in your wallet. I would suggest, instead of heating up the room, close the windows, so the cold air won’t get inside and wear an extra sweater with some socks made from wool. But let’s not just talk about your room, what about the kitchen and main chilling area? Well for these areas (if they are connected or is the same room) I have a simple solution: while your friends are freezing on the sofa, you can start cooking your food – this way the room is usually filled with nice smells and also the temperature goes up a few degrees. Never noticed? Try it!

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