My Student Switch Off experience

Thursday 12-01-2017 - 09:24

Blog by Mensa - Yawson Asamoa Kwame (student ambassador, Cranfield University, UK)

I believe one of the best things I have done since I enrolled at Cranfield University is joining the Student Switch Off team. Though I attended the first training session not having an entire picture of what I had signed up for. However, after the whole training session was over I fully came to understand the mission and the objectives of Student Switch Off and why it will be a wonderful idea if I decided to stay and contribute my quota to the team. Joanna and Becky who were facilitators for that training session were excellent as they made the meeting lively and interactive and on the “lighter side” I cannot forget the delicious snacks that were served too.  Joining student switch off has given me an avenue to meet and socialize with other students who are also part of this switch off team.  I have been able to form invaluable and healthy relationships with other students who hitherto to me joining this group I never knew. Interactions and sharing ideas amongst ourselves when we meet has helped me to learn new ideas.                                                                       

Being part of Student Switch Off has made me conscious of the need to be energy efficient and has even taught me how to be energy efficient. This knowledge and skills has me more interested in making sure constantly check out for and switch off lights, appliances and switches that are left on in my accommodation when they are not needed or not in use.  I and my mates in my accommodation occasionally have dinner together and I use such opportunities as an avenue to extend the message of promoting energy efficiency to them and I must say the results have been encouraging.                                                                                                                                                         

Student Switch Off has not only enhanced my perspective about the need to promote energy efficiency but has also given me the necessary knowledge and skills to empower others to become energy efficient. It gives me much satisfaction that I can also make an impact and now I can also call myself a change agent thanks to Student Switch Off .


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