Joining Student Switch Off is never too late

Tuesday 05-07-2016 - 14:06

Blog by Agnė Narbutaitė, student at VTDK (Lithuania)

In my opinion, climate change is the whole world problem. Every person, no matter young or old has to contribute to energy saving. Energy saving is one way of slowing down climate changes. But why it is important for us? Firstly, energy saving is amicable for our environment. We have to cherish our world because we live here, our children and all following generations will live here. The weather and pollution in the area where we live has a big influence to our health and we always have to remember that we are responsible not only for the present but also for the future. Secondly, energy saving may help us to save more money. That is why it is especially important for the students and all young people. Sometimes all what we have to do is switch the lights off when they are not necessary or do not overfill the kettle. So, if you are friendly towards our world, nature and environment you are invited to join the students' project "Switch off". This project will tell you more ways how to save an energy and gives a lot of interesting information about climate change.


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