Getting involved with Student Switch Off in Lithuania

Wednesday 14-11-2018 - 09:15

Blog by Audrius, student at VGTU, Lithuania

Hi, my name is Andrius. This year is my first year at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, therefore I have been looking for activities I could join and share my ideas, and meet new like-minded people. And then I found out the possibility to become a member of Student Switch Off team. 

Since my childhood I have been trying to save energy and this has already become a habit for me. For example, I always turn off the light or TV when it’s not in use, my parents buy appliances with low energy consumption. However, since moving into the VGTU dormitory, I see that many of my new friends do not feel the same about energy saving. They do not understand that saving energy can protect our environment or save some money. OK – maybe not now, as dormitory fees are all inclusive, but then we move to our new apartments. It is very important to have the right attitude and habits.

I am very glad, to be a part of this project. Now when I talk about energy saving and share ideas of the SSO campaign, I can see that other students also try to do it. All project competitions can help engage more young people to save the energy, all those prizes we can win, help us to change the way of thinking about the energy! 

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