Energy saving when living in student accommodation

Tuesday 18-10-2016 - 10:22

Blog by Jone (student at VGTU, Lithuania)

Living in a flat together with your mates is a lot of fun, especially when you share things together. So why not also consider cooking together? It’s cheaper if all of you cook one big meal, instead of 6 people making their little dishes one after another. And it’s also time efficient – one meal takes less time to cook, especially with more people to help you. The same with drinks: next time you make tea, don’t just make one cup, make it for more people or ask who else wants. This way you won’t have to reheat the boiler every time and people will appreciate your considerateness. But wait, there’s more: why not wash your laundry together as well? If you just have a few things to wash, and then ask around, who else needs washing. You will save not only water and energy, but a few Euros too.

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