Energy saving in Cranfield

Wednesday 14-12-2016 - 12:18

Blog by Oluwaseyi Omoloso (Student at Cranfield University, United Kingdom)


It’s been a great experience coming to the United Kingdom to study as an International Student. What is even more interesting is having to share a flat with mates from different spheres of life. Since joining the Cranfield Student Switch Off group, the consciousness to save energy as much as possible has been top notch. In this era of high gadgets use and the great need to conserve energy, why not employ these energy saving measures such as switching off lights at lecture rooms in the evening, covering the lid of pans while cooking, wearing layers of clothes instead of turning on the heater in your universities. Even more, you can save more energy from using the electric kettle in your kitchens by boiling just the amount of water you need for that hot coffee. Are you going out for lectures? Oh! I have an idea what you could do to save energy even while you are out- switch those light bulbs off, switch those wall sockets off. You can also share energy saving measures with your flat mates and interestingly, energy savings goes up a notch in halls of residence.  


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