Wrapping up SAVES

Wednesday 17-05-2017 - 16:23

Article by Joanna Romanowicz, SAVES Project Manager

The SAVES project has now come to an end (or has it..? Continue reading to find out!). It was an exciting partnership between NUS-UK, University of Athens, University of Cyprus, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Studentbostadsforetagen, De Montfort University and UNICA that lasted three years, funded through the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

The project achieved a lot over 2014-2017. The Student Switch Off campaign, ran in dormitories in Lithuania, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus and the UK, attracting many students to sign up and become champions – over 18% of students living in dormitories signed up each year, which is a big achievement. Together students saved over 4 GWh of energy in their dormitories, which equates to 1,727 tonnes of CO2, which is was a great result. In addition to saving carbon and electricity in their dormitories, students also got into new habits; 99% of students who moved into private accommodation said they are continuing with the energy saving actions they took as part of Student Switch Off! In addition to this students who got involved in the campaign, felt it positively benefited from it, for example, one student said ‘ it gives me much satisfaction that I can make an impact and now also call myself a change agent thanks to Student Switch Off'.

The Student Switch Off campaign will continue to run in the UK, Cyprus, Lithuania and Greece in the coming years. We are exciting to announce that it will also be expanding to Romania, Bulgaria and Ireland – click here to find out more!

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