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Wednesday 17-05-2017 - 16:40

Article by Joanna Romanowicz, SAVES2 Project Manager

We are very excited to announce, that we have been successful with a bid to the EU Horizon 2020 funding stream for a project called SAVES2 (Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2). SAVES2 builds on the previously Intelligent Energy Europe funded project SAVES, that expanded the Student Switch Off campaign from the National Union of Students in the UK to four other EU countries.

SAVES2 aims to catalyse sustainable energy behaviours among over 219,000 university students in seven countries to help them reduce their exposure to fuel poverty. It incorporates two strands that engage with students living in university accommodation (via an inter-dormitory energy-saving competition called Student Switch Off) and in the private-rented sector (via an engagement programme called SAVES).

The project will last for 42 months commencing May 2017, National Union of Students (UK) is the lead organisation and the consortium incorporates 11 partners from 8 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, and the UK). Student Switch Off will therefore be expanding on campuses in Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria - watch this space!

The project will highlight the significant benefits that smart meters can have for students – as a way for students to get control of their energy usage and identify energy wastage in their private-rented sector property. Project partners will link up with relevant smart meter roll-out organisations in their countries to ensure collaboration and a clear message.

Erasmus Students’ Network, European Students’ Union, and the Student Hotel/Class of 2020, will form part of the projects Communications and Networking advisory board.

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