Sweden wins our first international photo competiton

Tuesday 17-02-2015 - 10:00

We're proud to announce that Johnathan from Sweden has won our first ever international energy saving photo competition.

Across the EU, students are sharing their examples of energy saving actions – photos of lights being switched off, layers being put on, and every carbon cutting action in between.

The more they share, the more positive influence they have on everyone around them. That’s why we’ve encouraged more of it with our first ever international photo competition.

We whittled down the photos shared from across all participating universities and countries to our favourite 21, and put it to a public vote.

Nearly a thousand of you voted, but the winner was the image above – Johnathan from Sweden, putting a lid on his pan to save up to 90 per cent of energy while cooking his dinner. He's won a bunch of supermarket vouchers for cutting carbon in his halls.

Our competition reached over 15,000 people – a huge reach, bringing together the Student Switch Off campaigns across Europe and having the greatest impact possible.

Every image we share celebrates our commitment to energy saving and has a positive influence on those around us. That’s why we run these competitions. Together, we can help form environmentally responsible habits right across the EU. Working internationally, our carbon savings can get bigger and bigger.

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