SAVES 2 at the University of Athens

Friday 25-05-2018 - 16:35

Guest article by Ioannis Kousis (Dormitory Coordinator, University of Athens, Greece)

The SAVES 2 team at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has been engaging with its students on the SAVES 2 project since the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year.  Both the Student Switch Off (SSO) and Students Switch Οff+ (SSO+) campaigns launched, and so far, there have been positive results in relation to increased awareness of energy efficiency amongst students.

Various activities have taken place to engage students in SSO; three hall visits, seven photo competitions, two climate quizzes and training of students’ ambassadors took place over the last nine months. At the same time, SSO and SSO+ posters and leaflets have been placed and circulated in several departments of NKUA’s campus, increasing the visibility of both the campaigns. Prizes for competitions have been popular, and included free cards for “Sklavenitis” supermarkets and SSO merchandise.

Through chatting with students on campus we have been able to see that their environmental consciousness has increased, while topics like fuel poverty, energy efficiency and climate change are increasingly sparkling their interest.

New ideas are always on the table, with plans to continue communicating SSO and SSO+ on a regular basis, to as many students as possible. Therefore, more actions will be taken, there will be more competitions, more prizes, and more surprises!

So, stay tuned and don’t miss the chance not only to be “SAVED” but get involved in our mission towards a more energy efficient lifestyle!

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