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Thursday 04-10-2018 - 11:25

It has been over a year that the SAVES 2 project has been running in 7 countries across Europe, and we are proud to say that we have had ample opportunity to already disseminate some of our findings, research and impact. We've successfully applied to a number of different sector conferences, with varied audiences, including but not limited to, university Chancellors, Vice Chancellors and Rectors, fuel poverty experts, university sustainability practitioners, policy makers, students, and industry experts. UNICA  is the dissemination partner of the SAVES 2 consortium, and as such will be further driving our dissemination strategy over the next couple of years.

In particular, we carried out extensive research in relation to student experiences of cold homes, and the student rental market, in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania and the UK, based on NUS UK's Homes Fit for Study research, that was presented at a number of conferences, given the urgency of fuel poverty across Europe. The full report will be available on our website in the near future.

Conferences where we disseminated SAVES 2 include:

1) BEHAVE conference - this took place in September 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland. We ran two sessions; one relating to our findings of student experiences of cold homes, and the second on the SAVES 2 project (it's aims, objectives, impact)

2) UNICA rectors conference - this took place in May 2018, in Belgrade, Serbia. We ran a session on the SAVES 2 project, describing its positive impact on students, and replicability

3) COST ENGAGER conference - this took place in March 2018, in Athens, Greece. We presented our findings in relation to the student rental market, and the impact of cold homes on students

4) ISCN conference - this took place in June 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden. Given that the SAVES 2 project won the ISCN Student Leadership award, as an award winner, we were able to talk about our project to a wide audience of university sustainability practitioners working in universities across the world

5) Citizens Energy Forum - this took place in September 2018, in Dublin, Ireland. We had the opportunity to run a stall disseminating information on SAVES 2

We are looking to apply to more conferences in the coming year, to share our findings and insight, so that they can be used to drive awareness amongst students in further universities, but at the same time help shape policy around energy efficiency.

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