New year, new habits

Tuesday 07-02-2017 - 09:49

New year's eve has come and gone, and 2017 is upon us already! What better time to add saving energy to your new year's resolutions :) Dormitory coordinators across our participating countries have been busy planning (or already doing) halls visits in the new term, to remind students of ways to save energy, in particular in relation to the cold weather that is upon us- reminding them to put on layers instead of turning up the heating, and other Student Switch Off related actions that will come in handy when students move into private accommodation, and are faced with paying energy bills.

On the 8th of February the second climate quiz of the year will be launching, raising awareness about climate change, and a number of photo competitions have been scheduled for the next few weeks. We are now in the home stretch with winners at each university being announced in the next few months - can we beat the amount of energy that we saved last year? Students have been encouraged to run their own events, such as environmental film screenings, get togethers in halls and encouraging their friends to sign up to the campaign.

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