Introducing our international leaderboard!

Thursday 11-02-2016 - 11:01

The second semester is already under way and students across our SAVES universities have been busy saving energy in their dormitories. So far over 4,500 have pledged to save energy and 250 have become ambassadors for the campaign through attending our training sessions at the start of the academic year. The average energy saving in the first semester has been over 6% which is a fantastic result.

Until now, students have been able to see how well their dormitories are doing in relation to other dormitories at their universities through checking out the online dashboard. We are now excited to bring your attention to its new feature, an international leaderboard, where students can see how well their dormitory is doing compared to other dormitories across Europe. Check the leaderboard to see who is currently in the lead!

At the end of the academic year we will be announcing the overall winner for 2015/16 in addition to national winners at each of the participating countries (UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece and Cyprus). Last year the overall winner was Teme dormitory at University of Worcester, UK; to find out the results from last year, check out this article. Who will it be this year?

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