How I've became an ambassador of SSO

Monday 22-10-2018 - 09:51

Article by Gabriele, student ambassador at VGTU, Lithuania

My name is Gabriele and I want to tell you why I became an ambassador for Student Switch Off campaign! I often ask myself who will change the future of our planet, if we won‘t? We need to think more about what happens around us; the environment, climate change. I was very pleased, when I heard about Student Switch Off at VGTU. I decided to join it, because I have always been interested in the environment and I wanted to do something that would help to protect it! The project helped me to find a group of people, who do think about our planet‘s future and want to make a positive change. 

At VGTU we organize competitions, which motivate students to find more creative ways of saving energy. We reward students, who have the best and the most creative ideas, by giving them great prizes, such as Student Switch Off T-shirts or jumpers.  These competitions help attract students’ attention and show how easy it is to save energy. I‘m happy that I‘ve met great people there, who care about our environment. I think everyone should join the Student Switch Off campaign, and try to make a better future for us, our friends and families!

Student Switch Off allows us to share new ideas how to save more energy using simple, daily ways. It makes us feel good to create positive changes within the environment and of course - for other people. I think, we need to ensure that everybody living in our dorms knows about the campaign, and invite them to join in. Everyday our planet provides us with food, oxygen and place for living. Our duty is to show it more respect.

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