Get ready for the spring campaign!

Monday 07-03-2016 - 12:20

Article by Maria, (dormitory coordinator, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Student Switch Off in Sweden has a different structure than in other countries. More specifically, while in other countries one team competition takes place over the course of the academic year, in Sweden one team competition takes place during each semester. This means that the spring competitions in Sweden have already began!

Happily, the beginning of the spring campaign is already promising. In Gothenburg, the majority of the students that we met during our first round of dorm visits were aware of Student Switch Off to some extent. Even those that had recently moved in the dorm area where the team competition takes place recognised the campaign and had some information about the competition. The students that participated in the autumn competition and still live in the same area all remained signed up and take part in the spring competition as well.

The fact that in Gothenburg more and more students are recognising or are involved in Student Switch Off can be explained. The new posters are full of colour, they have various energy-saving tips, and they are found in every building and laundry room of the dorm area where the team competition takes place. The students that were signed up for the second time received a letter that updated them on the spring campaign and encouraged them to continue saving energy. We had a warm and enthusiastic kick-off event for the spring campaign where the winners of the previous competition received their prizes and we participated in two large student events at the University.

Nevertheless, there are a lot more to be done! With more posters put up at various University departments, more events coming up, and more students engaged, Student Switch Off can spread even further and the energy savings of this year can increase even more!


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