Excited to launch Student Switch Off for this year!

Monday 21-09-2015 - 13:53

Guest article by Christina Lambrou, University of Cyprus dorm coordinator

Looking back to last year, I must say that it was a pretty successful one for Cyprus; we managed to get a lot of students involved in the SAVES campaign, had a lot of fun organizing parties and photo competitions, and managed to reach the 3rd place, on an international level, in regard to energy savings. We are also very excited that we managed to reduce our overall savings by 6.92%! That’s really amazing!

So, as this year already started, we’re again very happy and motivated to take part in the program. Students moved into their rooms on the 6th of September, and were given lots of information, and promotional material about the competition. It seems that a lot of students are interested in it, asking us questions from day one! Meanwhile, our Resident Assistants are eager to take part in the project, and have already signed up as Ambassadors for the campaign.

This year, we are feeling more confident, since we have already successfully completed the first year of the program, and we know what to expect. So, having a year's experience, knowing what worked and what didn’t, we are aiming for more excitement, more student involvement, and of course more energy savings. We are eager to promote the competition even more, and if possible, to reach the 1st place on the international level, of the SAVES competition.

One thing is for sure: Cyprus is ready for a fun year!!

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