Engaging students in Greece

Friday 06-05-2016 - 10:02

Guest article by Marina, country manager for Greece

The Student Switch Off ambassadors of the University of Athens dorms organized a workshop on climate change and it’s relation to energy consumption. The workshop consisted of a video projection, presentations and a discussion at the end. The total duration was around 2 hours.

The first item on the agenda was the projection of a video on drought and its impacts on countries of the Far East. A presentation followed on the institutional protection schemes for people that move away from places that have been significantly impacted by climate change. The presentation highlighted the lack of support mechanisms for those people, even in the agreement signed between nations in the 2015 Climate Summit. Another presentation followed that explained the differences between the man made and the natural causes of climate change, the types of energy production and the current estimation of CO2 emissions from power plants in Greece. The presentation ended with a description of the human contribution to natural disasters, the need for change in our energy consumption habits through the use of anti-examples followed by good practice examples (energy saving tips) on how to save energy in the dorms. Q&A and discussion followed.

It has been great to see studentstake initiative and engage with the wider sustainability agenda through their role as Student Switch Off ambassadors.

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