Cypriot dormitory is the international 2015-16 winner!

Tuesday 07-06-2016 - 14:48

The second year of SAVES has come to an end, and we are in the midst of celebrations, awarding students whose dormitories have been the best at each of the 17 participating universities.  We are excited to say that we are now in the position to announce who are our national and international winners for this year!

Like in 2014-15, we looked at how much electricity was saved over the 2015-16 academic year at each of the participating dormitories. We calculated this by comparing their electricity usage in 2015-16 to their electricity usage prior to the SSO campaign starting. The dormitory at each of the 17 participating universities that saved the most energy was rewarded with a celebration.  

Overall we saved over 2.54 million kWh of electricity and 1,107 tCO2, which equates to an average of 8.8% savings. Well done to all the students that made this happen!

We then looked at the best dormitories at the national level in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden and Cyprus. We are pleased to announce that the following dorms have been crowned national winners:

United Kingdom – John Wood Court F (University of Bath)

Cyprus – Building 9 (University of Cyprus)

Greece – Building D (University of Athens)

Lithuania -   Dorm no.3 (Vilnius Gedaminas Technical University)

Sweden – Olofshöjd 6 (Gothenburg)

We finally looked which dormitory saved the most energy across the 5 countries – it was very close and we are excited to announce that the overall SAVES winner for 2015-16 is Building 9 from the University of Cyprus, in Cyprus! It’s exciting to see a different dormitory from a different country win this year, compared to last (last year it was Teme from University of Worcester, UK).

Here is a quote from Marianna Pangkratidou, resident of University of Cyprus winning building 9:

“To win is great. To win as a part of a team, is even greater! However  to win when the greatest beneficiary is the environment, well, that is a victory beyond words.”

Well done to everyone who took part this year, whether or not your dormitory won – you’ve all made a difference!

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