Celebrations across Sweden

Thursday 16-06-2016 - 11:58

Guest article by Maria & Mariada, dormitory coordinators (Sweden)

The team competition in Sweden finished on the 8th of May and both Gothenburg and Stockholm celebrated the winners! Although each city celebrated in a different way, both shared nice moments together with the winners.

Student Switch Off in Gothenburg celebrated the winners with a Saturday brunch where all the students were invited. This event served the campaign in many different ways and for that reason it was so important for anyone involved. To start with, we gave out the prizes to the winners of the team competition and encouraged them to take part in the next year and to spread the word in their dorms. Moreover, the other students that were there were inspired to compete in any Student Switch Off competition they can and to think and discuss with each other about saving energy in everyday life. They also had the chance to learn a few things about the history of the campaign and the way it is organised across Europe. Finally, they all had a nice time and promised to join future events arranged for the purposes of the campaign. All in all, events like this one not only serve as small celebrations for the end of the current competitions but as foundations for the future success of the campaign in Gothenburg.

Student Switch Off in Stockholm celebrated the winners of the team competion in a different way. The celebration event took place at the main square of Lappis on the 23rd of May where 200 portions of Ben&Jerry's ice cream were given to the students for free. The ice cream and the prizes of the winners attracted more than 200 students in the main square of Lappis which within half an hour was converted to an outdoor party. The event took place together with the help of our ambassadors and SSSB who helped us throughout the day! The winners enjoyed the sun, the music and their ice cream while receiving their prizes! Under this relaxing atmosphere we took the opportunity to talk with the winners and see how they feel about the campaign and the outcome. Apparently many of the students have actually found the motivation during the last semester and through the campaign to save more energy!

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