Building international partnerships

Tuesday 21-04-2015 - 17:33

It’s been really exciting to take Student Switch Off across Europe this year, helping more and more students to save energy and cut carbon. But what’s even more exciting is how we can use this as a platform to build stronger links internationally.

We don’t want to just have our campaigns operating across the world in silos, bound by the borders of campuses and countries. We want a dynamic, interconnected network of students taking action on sustainability, collaborating to create an energy efficient Europe.

That’s why we’re twinning dorms and halls of residence right across all of our SAVES project, helping countries to share good practice on energy saving throughout the continent.

With students on the ground writing blog posts of their experience, their twin can share it across their own networks.

By doing this, we’ll be connecting student to student from across all participating countries, exchanging stories and experiences to help build a fuller picture of the impact of our project, as well as deepening our understanding of what works most effectively in helping us all to save energy.

This can be the start of creating the global network of students taking action on sustainability which we so badly need. In a year where the EU and the US are drawing up a potentially destructive free trade agreement, and the global community comes together for the UN climate talks this winter, anything we can do to build links across our participating countries will be hugely beneficial.

Together, we can amplify our voice, as well as our impact. You can read the first of our blogs here, and check back for more to come in the future.

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