Another Year of SAVES 2 in Cyprus!

Tuesday 01-10-2019 - 14:51

Article by Christina Lambrou (Dormitory Coordinator, University of Cyprus)

SSO Ambassadors holding up banners at University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus welcomed the official start of this academic year at the beginning of September 2019. Orientation events for all students started in early August and our new Student Hall residents entered their rooms on Friday 30th August.

We geared up to inform all new students about SAVES2, starting from attending the orientation events in August and September, and the Student Clubs Union Orientation Party, and by being present on the admission day of students to our Student Halls.

On Admission Day, we set up a stall station with leaflets and pledge/consent cards for residents to sign up. In addition, we set up a Facebook themed Photo Frame and many residents were happy to take a photo, holding various SAVES logos. This year, we also set up a large frame with SAVES2 logos and phrases that students could color and take photos with. Adding more fun to this year’s admission day, we also set up a spinning wheel game with various energy saving fun questions, which students were excited to play and learn at the same time. During the day we asked residents to sign up to our campaign, and like our Facebook page; we gave paper bracelets with the Saves logo to those that did sign up.

Meanwhile, our Resident Assistants are eager to take part in the project, and have already signed up as Ambassadors for the campaign. For about three weeks now, since the start of the semester, our personnel and our enthusiastic Ambassadors, reminded the residents how to save energy with emails, and face-to-face visits.

Likewise, for SSO+, on newcomer’s orientation events, and the Student Clubs Union Event, we were present with similar stall stations and the Photo Frame Booth, the coloring frame and the spinning wheel, along with the pledge consent cards. Students that sign up were given silicone bracelets, note pads, car sunshades and mini sticky notes pads with the SAVES2 logo. In addition, for SSO+, we are currently preparing this year’s advice and information about energy-saving practices for students in the private sector, and gathered the emails of the students living outside our Student Halls.

At the moment we are gearing up to prepare for our photo competitions, Ambassadors training events,  energy training session for private sector Students,  and other fun stuff, all planned in October and November!

Here’s to another successful year!

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