All going well at the Technical University of Crete!

Tuesday 27-03-2018 - 16:02

Guest article by Stelios Diakrousis, dorm coordiantor at the Technical University of Crete, Greece 

We are delighted to announce that Technical University of Crete has managed to surpass its targets for the year! According to the dashboard, the dormitory of TUC has achieved 10,6 % energy savings and obviously we will continue to save even further!

Over the last two months photo competitions have been running for students taking part in both the SSO and the SSO+ campaigns, with prizes sponsored by ANEK LINES. For SSO, the photo competition was about “Energy savings and the kitchen”, and for the SSO+ was “Savings and house”. Moreover, it is significant that in the competition for SSO+, many students participated, sending us creative and funny photos such as the photo of Jamal the dog below! The latest photo competition took place on Friday 23 March 2018.

Another significant event of the previous months was the seminar that took place at the Technical University of Crete. The main topic covered at this meeting centered around advice that can help students to significantly reduce their energy bills in their accommodation. Also, much of the discussion concerned the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and how important it is for students to ask the landlord for it before they even rent the apartment! Although we have had good participation at the seminar, we asked the students to inform their friends and encourage them to join our Facebook page, be part in our campaign and of course come to our next meeting that will held the next month.

Earlier on in the year (18-19th January 2018) a meeting took place of all the SAVES 2 project partners in Dublin, Ireland discussing the first months of the project, what worked well and what should change the next months; this meeting was attended by the representative of TUC. The next meeting is scheduled for June in Romania and TUC will also be attending, to share their successes (and challenges)!

As for the future… we would like to thank the students who helped us with the campaign, and reducing the consumption in the dormitories of TUC by 10,6%. For these reasons we plan to organize a small party with music and small buffet in TUC at the end of the year!  Οf course all students will be invited :)!

Stay tuned For all TUC Upcoming Events!

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