A successful first year at University of Cyprus

Wednesday 22-04-2015 - 15:53

A guest update from Christina Lambrou, dorm coordinator at the University of Cyprus. 

A main pillar in the Strategic Planning of the University of Cyprus includes, amongst academic development, research and scientific advancement, the promotion of energy awareness and the creation of an environmental friendly University Campus for all students and personnel. Having said that, we participate in the Student Switch off Program (SAVES) since October 2014, with determination and much enthusiasm.

With the first year of the Program almost fulfilled, it seems that most of our students take pride in taking part participating in the Program, and are inspired to save energy. Students had lots of fun saving energy, took part in most Facebook photo competitions, and parties planned, while many of them informed us that they apply their saving energy habits at home. This is very important, since the program is aiming to help students, and future citizens, to maintain their saving energy behavior outside campus as well.

In addition, our Ambassadors also had a great time promoting the Program, and taking part in competitions and events. They even came up with the making of an intelligent video in regard to energy savings. You may watch the video on YouTube here

In regards to the results of the energy consumption, the data analysis has revealed that an overall energy reduction of 8% has been accomplished from October 2014 until today which means the ultimate goal of the program has been achieved. This fact demonstrates, that the engagement actions, parties, and promotion that was held throughout the year, were mostly effective, and that students indeed tried their best to save energy!

We are now extremely excited to plan our big party for the winning building in May and have fun with our students! Here’s to a first successful year!  

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